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Company secretary and accounting services at startup prices.

Capable corporate services on a shoestring.

Company Incorporation


(When you appoint us as company secretary.)

Fill out our online form, upload the necessary documentation and we register your company with ACRA. This includes:
  • Checking and reserving company name
  • Preparing all registration forms​
  • Preparing your company constitution (memorandum & articles of the company)
  • Advance professional & filing fees
  • Filing with ACRA
  • Maintainece of corporate records (share certificates, registers & minutes book)
  • Resolution to open a bank account​

Because we believe in transparency, here are the following government fees we absorb when we file your application with ACRA: name application ($15), registration fee ($300).

Company Secretary


We believe in a relationship, not one where you pay every time you pick up the phone. Pay one yearly fee and get unlimited access to the following common services:

  • Appointment of director/corporate secretary/auditor
  • Resignation of director/corporate secretary/auditor
  • Change in officers’ particulars
  • Change of company name
  • Change of registered business address
  • Holding of AGM (if required) and filing of annual return
  • Declaration and distribution of dividends
  • Change of financial year end
  • Change of principal business activities (SSIC Codes)

Because we believe in transparency, we incur the following ACRA fees for you:

  • Annual Return Filing: S$60
  • Registration of Particulars relating to Charges: S$60 
  • Change of Company Name: S$15

Our yearly fee excludes the following activities. We can assist you as needed.

  • Share Capital Transactions: $100 per transaction for ordinary shares; $200 per transaction for preference shares and notes.
  • Strike-off: S$500
  • Creation of Additional Corp Pass: S$80 (your first one is free!)
  • Any ACRA late filing fees and penalties

Requests outside of the above we will connect you with our legal partners to support you.

Nominee Director


Don’t have a local resident director in Singapore? No problem – use ours!

  • Non-executive local resident director provided to satisfy ACRA's requirements
  • 3-month and 6-month terms available for temporary nominee director

Due to the non-executive nature and associated liability of the position conditions are:

  • Joint take up of our all-inclusive Corporate Secretary package
  • Appointment of at least one other director to make executive decisions (100% foreign ok) 
  • Take up of an accounting and tax package or providing a S$2,000 security deposit.

Registered Address & Digital Mailroom


Setting up from overseas? Use Sleek to fulfil your requirement to have a registered address in Singapore. This includes:
  • A prestigious CBD Singapore registered address for your company
  • A digital mailroom where your mail is scanned and uploaded for your review
  • Securely store your mail and easily access it from any where and any time

Get access to an ecosystem of support.

All-in accounting and
bookkeeping compliance

from S$1200/year

*billed upfront annually


Dormant and Micro Businesses
$ 100 /month

Billed upfront annually
  • Unaudited FS
  • ECI Preparation
  • Form C-S
  • < 10 transactions/month
  • Up to 30 receipts/month
  • Payroll up to 1 employee
  • Annual review
  • Xero single-currency
  • ReceiptBank subscription


Tailored for New Startups
$ 150 /month

Billed upfront annually
  • Unaudited FS
  • ECI Preparation
  • Form C-S
  • < 20 transactions/month
  • Up to 60 receipts/month
  • Payroll up to 4 employees
  • Monthly review
  • Xero single-currency
  • ReceiptBank subscription


For Fast Growing Companies
$ 300 /month

Billed upfront annually
  • Unaudited FS
  • ECI Preparation
  • Form C-S or Form C
  • < 50 transactions/month
  • Up to 100 receipts/month
  • Payroll up to 8 employees
  • Monthly review
  • Xero single-currency
  • ReceiptBank subscription


For the Booming Business!
$ 500 /month

Billed upfront annually
  • Unaudited FS
  • ECI Preparation
  • Form C-S or Form C
  • < 100 transactions/month
  • Up to 150 receipts/month
  • Payroll up to 12 employees
  • Monthly review
  • Xero single-currency
  • ReceiptBank subscription

Need more support? Contact us!

    • Add extra payroll: +S$25 per employee per month
    • Add multi-currency support: +S$200/year
    • Have a corporate shareholder?  Add an XBRL Report +S$500/year
    • Are you registered for GST ? Add quarterly GST compliance support for S$300/quarter
  • What is a transaction? Any deposit or withdrawal into your corporate bank account is one bank transaction. 
  • What is a receipt? A business expense to be reconciled (i.e. supplier invoice, taxi receipt, office supplies, etc)
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Need ad-hoc support or a rescue job?


One-off and rescue accounting jobs

Need help? We're here to help rescue your accounting efforts.

Confused? Don't stress! You can find simple definitions of the most common tax terms below.

Get Fully Covered with Mandatory Tax Filings

  • Preparation of Estimable Chargeable Income: $100
  • Preparation of Unaudited Financial Statements: $600
  • Preparation of Form C-S or Form C: S$400 I $500

    Tax Compliance for Group & Holding Companies
  • Consolidation of Group Accounts: from $2,000
  • Group Unaudited Financial Statements: from $1,200

    Ad-Hoc Tax Support
  • GST Registration: $400
  • XBRL Preparation: $500
  • Reconstruction of Accounts: from $1,200
  • Audit Compliance & Assistance: from $1,500

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