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We believe in a relationship, not one where you pay every time you pick up the phone. Pay one yearly fee and get unlimited access to the following common services:*

  • Appointment of director/corporate secretary/auditor
  • Resignation of director/corporate secretary/auditor
  • Change in officers’ particulars
  • Change in company name
  • Transfer of registered address
  • Holding of AGM (if required) and filing of annual statements
  • Distribution of dividends

* Because we believe in transparency, here are the following filing fees we incur when we file with ACRA:  annual return filing ($60), registration of particulars relating to charges ($60). 

Our yearly fee 
excludes the following activities: 
– extensions of time to hold your AGM ($300 including a $200 ACRA filing fee), 
– strike-off ($500)
– changes to constitution ($300) 
– share transactions ($100 per transaction per shareholder for common shares and $200 per shareholder per transaction for preference shares).
– convertible notes ($200 per bondholder)

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