Automation Engineer

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Mission and outcomes


As an Automation Engineer, you will report to the Head of Technology and your main duties will be:

  • Sleek Product
    • On-board and understand the platform features
    • Relate sleek platform modules to the main Sleek services
    • Contribute in creating the features to support Sleek business growth and strategy
    • Contribute in maintaining existing feature to enhance platform resilience and user experience
  • Software Engineering – Automation:
    • Program different types of robots to improve productivity of Corporate Secretaries, Compliance Officers, Accountants and Bookkeepers (Python)
    • Write scripts to prepare data for robots to execute (Python, SQL, BigQuery)


As an Automation Engineer, the performance of your duties will be assessed based on:

  • Ability to read, understand, and update pieces of the software with guidance
  • Ability to perform development and testing scripts for robots and data manipulation
  • Ability to understand, and define all actions to be performed when assigned to a task
  • Ability to work autonomously in an ambiguous fast-paced context
  • Ability to manage well time and time when facing difficulties or under pressure of dead lines
  • Ability to develop your knowledge as an Automation Engineer according to the technical stack in place
  • Ability to provide simple, efficient, quality and maintainable code base

Come and join our dynamic, friendly, and always supportive team, to learn, grow, and develop yourself and the company !

Email your resume to [email protected] with the reference AUTOMATION-ENGINEER

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